“Seeing Things” — Exhibition of my photographs at Cymroza Art Gallery, Mumbai from 17th – 25th August 2010

In a metropolis like Mumbai, where everyone leads a very busy life with their continuous bustling, and where people are mostly concentrating on the road or pavement, watching every step and dodging their way through to reach their destination as soon as possible, it is not uncommon that the most beautiful and exotic works of architecture go totally unnoticed year after year. Things worth seeing are noticed and documented more by visitors and tourists rather than by those who frequent the roads regularly. Our own locality is taken so much for granted that we are surprised when we are shown things which we ought to have noticed almost daily. This is an exhibition showing a few such sights in the downtown of Mumbai city in colour as well in Black & White, and also some miscellaneous photographs in stark black & white for those who like to see a variety in a light very different from that which is normally seen……. Hence the title “SEEING THINGS”.