“Mystique of the East” is a collection of twenty black and white images taken in India and Bali. Rich in religious traditions, culture, spirituality and philosophy, both India and Bali offer a reality that is often in contrast with the Western world.

In this exhibition, Jagdish Thackersey explores the effects of time on these two spiritual cultures. The tolerance of the past, which he highlights in his photograph of a centuries-old sensual carving, is in contrast with the conservatism that sways contemporary Eastern society today.

Jagdish Thackersey did not intend these images to be a representation of reality, but rather, a reflection of his subjective and psychological interpretation of the exotic nature and mystique of the east. Using a personal technique, he digitally transformed the original photographs, many of them from transparencies, to suggestive images in stark black and white. The absolute contrast between these two colors symbolizes Thackersey’s vision of balancing the opposing forces of life to complement each other

“This is my first solo exhibition,” Jagdish Thackersey says. “I have chosen Barcelona because it is a magnificent and fascinating city: cosmopolitan, adorned with the revolutionary architecture of Gaudí, and inhabited by tolerant people; it is a place where life is intense and pleasant. It seems to be part of the nature of Barcelonans to appreciate art and culture. I cannot imagine a better place to share my vision projected by the display of these images.”

“Mystique of the East” arises from a selection and recovery project of more than 10,000 photographs that Jagdish Thackersey has accumulated during his 45 years as a photographer. The majority of his images are of landscapes, heritage architecture and people, linked by the exotic nature and spiritual life of the mystical east.